The Pumpkin Eaters

Eh! You’re back. Thanks for tuning in to the Shadia Show where we talk about the myriad of events that occur in my life. Today, I am going to talk about an event that occurred while supply teaching that involved: jack a** behaviour, comical outbursts, me losing my s*** and basically normal occurrences in high schools. If you will, sit back and enjoy the readings of my entertaining life as a supply teacher.

So, I walk up to this school with ten minutes to spare before the bell rings. I will avoid describing this place in fear that the school board might discover my description of their shortcomings. So, I walk up to the entrance with the anticipation of the day. I have memorized my little spiel for the beginning of a new class and my backtalk senses are high. What I mean by, “Backtalk Senses” is that my awareness of the potential rudeness, a.k.a “backtalk,” is very astute since I have already had numerous incidents with students at this particular school. Teenagers ca…
Three Gifts you Need in order to Make it in Hollywood

Like any other profession or hobby, the only way to master your craft is by practice. However, acting is very unique in the sense that all you have to do is convince people that something is happening when it really isn’t. If you can lie, you can act...does that mean that the Film and Television Industry is housing a bunch of liars?! Well, they know how to persuade people to believe them in a very highly, skilled manner. They also have three innate gifts every actor needs to succeed. In order to make it in this industry you need to have three gifts: You have to have a memorable personality, you need to have “a look,” and you need to be able to act natural on camera.

Let’s look at the first gift, having a memorable personality. I am going to use my experience teaching a Grade 10 History class to an applied group of students to help shape this idea! Wait, I am up in Canada, so let me translate: I taught a Sophomore class in Canad…
I am so glad you came to check out my show! I just joined the millions of bloggers around the world! I guess it would be crucial at this moment to point out why I am different from the rest of the blogger fingers out there. Well, first off my name is Shadia and I am a former (maybe upcoming) actress who is now a stage mom of three, owner of Star Acting Studios and a high school supply teacher! I could go on about my other unicorn qualities, however I will keep it brief…for now. 

The partial truth as to why I wanted to start this blog is because I wanted to inform everyone
about the Film and Television Industry. The actual truth is because I have so much damn time on my hands as a supply teacher and wanted to do something productive. Please don’t act like we have lots to do. We literally take attendance, record who leaves for the washroom and make sure no one is rolling a joint in back of the room (yes this actually happened to me). So, I figure while I am in cla…